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We are the frac market distributor for Iracore International Inc.  Iracore has a tremendous amount of experience in the Canadian oil sands and has helped us bring a very high quality Urethane lined system to the hydraulic fracturing industry.

Polymer lined piping has become a staple in industries where metallic components are exposed to high levels of abrasion from fluid with particulates such as sand slurries.  As counter-intuitive as it seems, polymers are extremely effective at resisting impinging wear which is the most common type of wear in areas where slurry is traveling at high velocity.  Lined piping is a very cost effective way to reduce down-time and maintenance cost over the life of a sand blender or frac manifold.


Whether you have one high wear fitting or need to protect an entire piping system, our lined standard components are a very cost effective way to dramatically extend the life of your system.  We offer grooved elbows, tees, flanged joints, or bare lined pipe joints. These standard parts simply need to be cut to length and grooved for a perfect fit. We also offer these components as pre-cut kits for your convenience.


We can lined most blender discharge manifold designs using techniques and trade secrets that are unique to Iracore.  The process used eliminates air within the polymer lining resulting in a very smooth, uniform and low friction surface.   Custom thicknesses and materials can be applied depending on customer requirements. Typically, a ⅜” Urethane lining is used due to the availability of tooling, and resistance to chemical attack.  Using lined blender manifolds produces not only direct cost savings, including the maintenance, repair and materials of the manifold itself, but also substantially reduces downtime.  The downtime cost savings using our lined manifolds can be upwards of $750,000 over the life of a blender.


Custom pipe spools can be designed and manufactured to your specifications.  This reduces downtime, maintenance costs, and allows proactive replacement of pipe spools before failure occurs.  These spools are available in any size and can include features such as inspection ports for spools with limited access.  Our bright orange liners make it easy to see when the polymer liner has worn through and metal is exposed. This enables proactive maintenance and reduces risk of failure during pumping.

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